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7 Female Solo Traveler Tips + Must Dos!

I've traveled around the U.S and internationally alone. I've taken trains, buses, plane rides, boat rides, and a bit of my journeys on foot. It can be scary, and there can be a lot of uncertain moments. However it can also hold the most memorable, brave, and fun moments of your life! Here are my 7 tips that are crucial to all the travelers out there especially those alone in their adventure.

1. Show up prepared

If you know me this is hypocritical since I love my adventures to be very on the spot, and unplanned. However I have also learned that the more you plan and research, the less you spend wandering around in unknown places. Learn a couple phrases in the local language. Review the transportation system before you arrive. Figure out what the usual fashion attire is. Check the weather, and pack accordingly.

2. Be Confident

A confident person is less of a target than a tourist who looks loss, or easy to take advantage of. Walk like you know where you are going, even if you don't. Don't walk looking down at your phone. Always be aware of your surroundings. Keep your headphones off. Keep a nearby safe spot in mind to go to in case of emergency, such as a hospital, police station, the nearest fire station, or even a public place such as a local coffee shop with wifi. Whatever is closest. If you are traveling for a while, get to know some locals and chat with them, learn the lingo.

3. Lie to people

Yup, I am telling you to go against your mothers wishes. Sometimes lying can save you from dangerous situations. Sometimes people can lurk on solo travelers to rob, kidnap, or sell their organs. You name it. You can help prevent such horrible crimes by staying confident and lying. If someone asks "are you here alone" you can say, "no I'm waiting for my husband." If anyone asks which hotel you are staying at, there is no need for them to know that information, lie about that too.

4. Share your location with someone you trust

A sister, a friend, a parent, your gym buddy. Pick someone and let them know your plans. Get a location sharing app or use either Google, or Apple Maps sharing. This not only lets you have a peace of mind if anything goes south, but also allows the ones who love and care to be able to sleep at night. AND if your phone happens to get stolen or misplaced, you now have someone you can ask to show you where it is!

5. Always have power

It's always a great idea to keep a battery pack or two handy on you in case you run low and need to make a call, or use GPS.

6. Wait to Check in Online

You should always wait until after you have left a restaurant or event to check in that you are there. This way creeps can't follow you around while you are traveling. Someone may be able to find you on social just by your name or luck! Believe me when I say I've been in the same room as someone new and suddenly they will pop up on my "you may know list" which is insanely weird. I'm talking to you Mr.Zucker. Anyways keep those updates a little delayed!

7. Trust your gut!

Lastly, trust your gut and have fun. Don't be afraid to take some risks and try new things, however we have those gut instincts for a reason. Use them! It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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